Measurements: personal mobility vehicles of smaller dimensions: maximum mass, 25 kilograms; maximum length, 1 meter; and maximum width, 0.6 meters. They are considered type A.

 Where they can circulate: by bike lane (on the road at a maximum of 25 km / h and on the sidewalk at a maximum of 10 km / h, and with the obligation to reduce speed if circulating near pedestrians and to give way when indicated), along the streets with a single platform (as long as the circulation of vehicles is not prohibited) and through public parks (at a maximum of 10 km / h and respecting the priority of the pedestrian). They can also do it by roadways of streets 30.

 Helmet use: helmet use is mandatory whenever it is part of a public and shared use service or a commercial, tourist or leisure activity for profit. 

The minimum age to drive VMP is 16 years old.